[Seoul] Haneul Park

When is Seoul the most beautiful one might ask… Having been to Seoul many times but never during spring, my favourite time to go is in the autumn. The weather is refreshing, not cold and not hot and the warm autumn breeze is just wonderful so that you can almost do anything.

If you are like me, who has been to all the tourist places in Seoul and is looking for something a bit different then Haneul Park is highly recommended! It is a 15 minute walk from the World Cup Stadium subway station and since the name of the park means ‘sky’ in English, you will have to brace yourselves and climb up 291 stairs to reach the park.

The park itself was breathtaking. Everywhere I looked, gleams of silver grass were blowing in the light breeze and this was at the end of November. The sky was as blue as sky blue could get. The silver grass flowers were still visible at this time but if you go earlier then I think you would be able to see more of them but I had no complaints when I went!

You can find yourself just walking through the grass fields and just enjoying the fresh air around you. Obviously not to mention that this place is very picture worthy so get snapping!

Give yourself at least two hours to walk, enjoy and take pictures in Haneul Park. I would definitely visit this place again, I have already been here twice during my trip to Seoul this autumn. This is one of the few tourist spots that is not crowded, making it a very pleasant trip for you, your friends and your loved ones to enjoy.



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