[Paris] Café Kitsuné

If strolling through gardens and taking slow walks in the parks is one of your ways of seeing nature, then I highly recommend Jardin du Palais Royal. The garden is peaceful and quiet despite being located just behind The Louvre where majority of the tourists visit.

After having been here many times, I seldom took a peek at the shops surrounding the garden as many close on different days of the week. But as we took a visit on a lovely Autumn’s day, not taking a peek into the shops was not an issue.

One main attraction besides the lovely garden, was a Cafe Kitsuné where many people were hustling inside to get their cup of coffee. As we decided to take a short break and people watch from the sides of the garden, we ordered a hot matcha latte because who doesn’t love green tea with all their antioxidant benefits? The matcha latte was not too sweet which is how I normally like it and you can taste the refreshing matcha.

The cafe is small but has a few stools where you can sit inside but during the warmer months, there is a seating area just outside the shop. I didn’t try the coffee here which I have heard is great but that means there will be another Paris trip for that…