[Jeju Island] Hyeopjae Beach 협재해변 & Hamdeok Beach 함덕 서우봉해변

I was very excited to visit Seoul this summer along with a one day trip to Jeju Island! I have always wanted to visit Jeju Island but summer seemed like the only season to go and I am one who tries to avoid the hot weather as much as I can… Anyway it was a really good time to go (mid-June) and I travelled with my sister, our friend and her husband who only had two hours of sleep the night before and drove us around all day in Jeju Island (while we slept in the car…thank you again!!!).

Our first stop was at Hyeopjae Beach which was a two hour drive from Jeju Intl Airport. We arrived at around 9:30am and the sky was grey! We walked towards the left side of the beach as there were less people and there we could see the black rocks.

As you can see from the photos above, it was cloudy but still pleasant enough to enjoy the views of the sea. It was just lovely gazing at this wonderful place which we did so for the next hour or so.

We moved to our next destination once we felt refreshed and it was Hamdeok Beach – which was another two hour drive. I do recommend to rent a car once at Jeju Island because public transportation may not take you to all the places you want to go and exploring by car is the best option (in my most honest and humblest opinion!).

Once we arrived at Hamdeok Beach, the sun came out to play! Can you see the difference in the sky? The aqua green water was breathtaking and we even stood on the black rocks to get a better view of the scenery.

There is a cafe on the beach called Cafe Delmoondo so you can stop by for your coffee / cold drink fix before heading over to the beach. Unfortunately we were not dressed to play in the water which was a shame, given that the weather was lovely for playing in the water.

We left Jeju Island around 9pm that evening, having had a fun filled day even though we were all knackered from the lack of sleep! But hey, once you’re still young, you still have it in you to seize the day! I definitely recommend Jeju Island for a short trip if you plan to stay in Korea for more than a week in the summer months.


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